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GpsDvr overview

GpsDvr is an innovative and very easy-to-use video and GPS recording application for Windows. It is developed to be used in cars as Digital Video Recorder with GPS data recording support; this can help avoiding road traffic accidents by analysing and tracking car's coordinates, although it is not limited to these functions only.

The screen-shot shows the program's main screen. All program controls are pretty simple and intuitive.

Key Features

  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Small size of the application
  • AVI output video format
  • Video files rotation
  • Supports any compatible video encoder
  • Supports any NMEA compatible GPS receivers
  • Can be used with any web cameras
  • Supports audio capture

System requirements

CPUPentium III
Memory512 Mb
HDD10 Mb
OSWindows XP or later
NMEA compatible GPS receiver
Web camera

Download GpsDvr

GpsDvr is distributed as "Try and Buy" software. You can download GpsDvr and try it for free for 30 days. To continue using the program after the trial period expiration and to remove the watermark, you should buy the registration key.

GpsDvr version1.1.4272
PlatformMicrosoft Windows
Release date12 September 2011 16:50:06
File size4 Mb
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